‘Getting Customers to Your Photography Business Just Became Easier’

Membership tutorials (temporarily) revealed … sneak peak window.

This is what you get and I'm not hiding anything - ALL is exposed here. Remember the goal is to acquire customers (fast) but there are other benefits in this membership as you'll soon see! I am not going to leave this up so take advantage of this sneak peak.

Restaurant Photography (The First Edition)

Macro Photography Report

That's right! I'm going to show you how to get customers from restaurants. There's quite a bit to this and equally, there's quite a bit to be earned from this continual source of photography business.

Macro Photography Report

FREE BONUS - The Macro Photography Report - Yes, you get this FREE report with your first edition with information covering the ins and outs of macro photography.

The Baby Photography Report

FREE BONUS - The Baby Photography Report - In addition to the Macro report you'll also receive at NO charge my Baby Photography Report. You will be able to download both FREE of charge.

Church Photography

Church Photography

Learn how to attract photography customers from churches and places of worship. This IS an above-board business process so don't feel you'll tread on anyone's toes. If you are a regular church goer, this is a must to read.

Portrait Party Photography

FREE BONUS - You will also receive a FREE report on Portrait Party Photography It's quite clever AND HELPFUL.

School Photography

There are soooo... many opportunities here ...you just need to know what to do. This edition tells you how.

School Photography

Many people are gobsmacked to learn this is a FREE bonus item. I've been told this is too valuable to be a free bonus but I'me determined to see you succeed. So right now, you get my Income from Photography eBook with the 3rd edition and YES it does come with the bonuses and you DO NOT have to pay for this bonus (just to make that clear).

Getting Pet Photography Customers

Pet Photography

The world seems to be getting further and further involved with pet photography. I don't know why and I don't care! I think it's great and I'll show you how to get long term customers here too.

Trick Photography and Special Effects

FREE BONUS - This is one of the best bonus items available to photographers on the Internet. The Tricks and Special Effects eBook - it's one of the best, most stimulating eBooks of it's kind and will keep you busy learning new and exciting things to improve your photography both for your clients and yourself. You'll be surprised just how good and how easy some of these techniques are to implement.

Attracting Wedding Photography Customers

Wedding Photography

Yep, I'm going to give you HEAPS of inside tips on getting this area of photography off the ground quick-smart from this 5th edition. This one of the favourites.

Wedding Photography Report

FREE BONUS - Here's an added extra which highlights some handy related tips for you to add to your wedding photography business.

Senior Photography Customers (6th edition)

Senior Photography

One of the most lucrative areas of photography is Senior Photography and I'll explain step-by-step just how to get this off the ground and get long term customers. It's truly a great area of photography to work in.

Guide to Successful Portail Photography

FREE BONUS - It's filled with even more tips again and it's the next step up from the previous portrait party report.

Get Customers from Internet Search Engines

Promoting The Right Stuff

This 7th edition explains how and why you should be using these techniques and tools to attract even MORE customers to your business. The steps are clearly defined to make this really easy to follow.

Focus eMagazine - April 2010

FREE BONUS - This is an incredibly valuable Photography eZine (online magazine) edition you receive for free as a bonus. It's choc-a-bloc full of tips and techniques to help you improve your photography skills - wait until you see this issue I'm giving you for free.

Learning to Use Adwords to get Customers

Customers Via Adwords

All the tips and tricks for easy selection and implementation of Google Adwords to get YES, even more customers. We go right over this carefully to ensure you know what to do to make this work.

Focus eMagazine - August 2010

FREE BONUS - This is also quite spectacular. Another special eZine with hand picked selected content to make your photography life skills even better.

Broader Advertising Opportunities On the Internet to Attract Customers

Generating Traffic to your Photography Site

You have probably never seen a list as large as this for QUALITY sources for advertising your services on the Internet. We even tell you the ins-and-outs of the providers so you can prioritize and apply a sensible budget. It's all made very, very easy for you.

Photography Bonus Material

FREE BONUS - This is all about using your camera and provides many neat tips and tricks and visuals to make this as easy as it can be.You'll be impressed to read how many techniques and instructional content there is to gain from this report.

Secrets to Using press releases for Photographers (10th edition)

Photography Press Release Marketing

All in the pursuit of better paying customers. This is an area you can't afford to miss or neglect. It's paramount to getting your business and services known to a select audience of photography customers. So many photographers know nothing about this - much to your benefit.

Focus eMagazine - May 2010

FREE BONUS - This is the May issue an eZine you must have and it's quite a doozy. Once again, it's choc-a-block full of even more technical tips we haven't covered yet.

Pay Per Click Secrets for Customer Acquisition (11th edition)

PPC Advertising List

This is one of the biggest lists (some are not well publicised) and collection of instructions for using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on the Internet for photographers.

Why Most People Fail and Never Start a Photography Business

FREE BONUS - It's easy to blow it. This is a report you MUST read to help you avoid making the common mistakes many photographers make.

Increasing and Focusing on Local Customers

Google Places

This will be a very helpful edition to those who like the set-it and forget it philosophy. You must set this up if you don't do anything else. We've made it really easy for you to do.

A Report on Backdrops and Props

FREE BONUS - In this report we will discuss backdrops, props, touch-ups, pallets for digital photos including RGB, CMYK and HSV, editing images in photoshop and highlight further training for those seeking it.

Like everyone else who has joined up I'll bet you can now see the value of this.

There's NO sales pitch. If you have a photography business, you either need customers or you need MORE customers. You can start now by visiting this link. You will be reading the first edition within minutes.

...keep well,
Roy Barker

PS. If this sneak-peak hasn't revealed how focused this membership is on getting you customers then I don't know what will.
PPS. If you think customers are easy to get in this day and age or you don't need customers, skip this!