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Learn How to Get Photography Business Customers

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Welcome Affiliates

This page is for website owners and photography affiliates only.

The Photography Business Quick Steps editions gives its affiliates 50% of the sale each month. All you need to do is click on the highlighted area below (clickbank) and this will take you to clickbank's affiliate sign-up page, which is one of the most respected transaction service facilities on the internet.

The process takes approximately three minutes and is self-explanatory. Just follow the instructions.

Revenue is at its best when the link is placed in a high traffic position on your site (above the fold) or preferably as a broadcast and on an auto responder list. Your conversion rate will automatically be higher if your site's content relates to photography. Only photographers will be interested in this report.

There is no charge for being an affiliate

  • We use CLICKBANK

  • We chose CLICKBANK because of the 3 month cookie system - which means you get paid even if the visitor comes back and buys the downloadable item two months and several days later. It has also been my experience that CLICKBANK has been reliable (thoroughly).

  • Each month the customer receives a new edition of Photography Business Quick Steps AND a free valuable bonus. Accordingly, you receive another payment and this continues on for the twelve month period while the customer remains a financial subscriber.

Feel Free to use this images in Promotion!

How much will you make as an affiliate?

Obviously, it depends on how many sales you make. However, if you take this example, it will give you some idea of what to expect.Each edition costs the customer US$25.00 each month for 12 months. After CLICKBANK extracts their fees for credit card handling, we are left with approximately US$20.00. You (the affiliate) receive 50% of this, which comes to about US$10.00

The Benefits:

In the first instance, this may not seem lucrative but the profits compound over ensuing months due to the RECURRING FEE process. If you continue promoting your affiliate link your paycheck will CONTINUE TO GROW accordingly.The sales page is a short copy and makes it clear to your visitors the value and focus of the report. It does not display a lengthy sales pitch for this type of informative product.There's more...We have supplied valuable bonuses to buyers and we continue providing them with FREE photography related bonuses throughout the 12 month period. We are aware that it is important to keep the customer CONTINUOUSLY happy.